We always consider the source when we find new information online. Here is our attempt to help you better understand us and why we do what we do

We think about all kinds of shit 💩

  • Work & Workers
  • Business (small business is our bias, but all business is the potential scope)
  • Consumers... and Makers
  • Markets, the Economy → Economics
  • Industries & Industry
  • Skills, Educations, & Jobs
  • Design & Development → Products & Services
  • Tech & Technology
  • the Now → the Future (informed by the past and best-guesses)
  • Ethics: Being Good + Doing Good

With these thoughts, we do our best

  • Listen to
  • Think with
  • Advocate for
  • Serve / Create Value for


Work for yourself, work for the man, work for your family. We are all Workers


Solopreneurs, freelancing, startup who inherently take on risks to make money (and other outcomes)

Small Businesses

Actual small businesses — like 1-to-50-people small business


We are as all consumers


Communities of people bound by logistics or other demographics are affected by what we do — our own and that of others

Who are we?

the Team
the Team


THIS PAGE IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT 🚧 We think, draft, prototype, and develop in public.

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